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Shelby Teal
Professor Thompson
Final Paper
Part one
“Critical intelligence involves a number of different intellectual skills including analysis and synthesis (Kessler, p.6.) My understanding of critical intelligence is a viewpoint withholding judgement and being critical while looking at different religions. As a student practicing critical Intelligence in this class was a huge part of understanding the case studies. In the case Adding Eid the Superintendent of the Cambridge Public School Jeff Young took on a large issue when he was asked to add a Muslim holiday to the school calendar. At first he just wanted the issue to go away, asking himself if it really was a battle he wanted to choose. Later, he realized it was a really
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Later he realized that in his heart he truly believed the holiday should be on the school calendar and the school day should be given off to all students. I originally felt like it should not be added because It wasn't a largely practiced religion event where I'm from. As I went through and dissected the case I found that there were a lot of people that would indeed benefit from having the holiday added. Muslim students benefit the most because they can enjoy the Holiday without missing tests, or important assignments that impact their grades. Parents would be less stressed on the holiday if they didn't have to have it interrupted by needing to pick their child up from school or worry about calling into school when they should be celebrating their faith. I imagined if we didn't get Christmas off and I had to go to school instead. A lot of memories from the holiday wouldn't happen. I think Holidays are an important part of religion, and are a very sacred time for families. You can't make one Holiday more important than the other, because when you do you undermine and insult other important religious holidays.
When I read the scholarly article an interesting perspective was introduced to me. What if I were to go to another country that wasn't christian? Would my holidays be recognized at all? Being that Christianity is the major religion in America, I support adding Eid to the school calendars, but am not going to be a huge activist on the

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