Religion's Aggressive Attitude Regarding Art and Science

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Christian fundamentalism is responsible for a great deal of conflicts, taking into account that fundamentalists lobby in regard to how God created the world in six days and concerning how society emerged as a consequence of the fact that a couple was cheated by a talking snake. Even with this, religion has started to express more accepting attitudes concerning science during the recent years.
Although the masses are inclined to look at art as if it were something innovative and eccentric, some of history's greatest artists were forced to perform works that were related to religion. Individuals like Michelangelo and Botticelli had to create artwork that was in accordance with the period's religious thinking and that would practically promote the concept of religion. In contrast to religion, science did not attempt to impose its perspective on art and it can actually be said that artists are appreciative with regard to technology. Michelangelo, for example, did not necessarily want to portray religious figures as they were imagined by religious history and he struggled to create them as real as possible. This was actually one of…

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