Religions Must Update Themselves Essay

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Religions must always try to update themselves

Many people in the Modern world believe that religious books and laws must be changed to fit the lives of those that live in the 21st century; in this essay I shall argue both sides and come to a final decision on whether or not they should update themselves.
One of the many religions that is constantly thought of as out of date or no longer relevant to society is Christianity. This is as the Christian religious book (the Bible) is full of laws (especially the Old Testament) that no longer work well for certain situations or make sense to the logical mind.
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This raises the question of how ordinary people are to take this rule seriously and think it relevant when Christians themselves ignore it.

Most people see these verses and immediately conclude that the Bible is not only out of date but also out of touch with current laws and regulations. It is easy to take a verse out of the Bible without linking it to the rest of the chapter or considering the history which lead to it.
Here are some examples of verses that show the Bible is as modern as can be.
A verse that makes more sense to non-Christians and helps to prove the point that the Bible is not out of date is Exodus 21:12 NCV “Anyone who hits a person and kills him must be put to death.” This makes perfect sense. The verse mirrors not only the judicial system; that every wrong or illegal action has to be paid for but also mirrors simple logic that bad people have to pay for the bad things they do. It is the most basic and un-updateable human impulse for right and wrong to be paid equally.
Another verse that helps argue the idea that the Bible is not out of date is Leviticus NCV 19:9-10 “When you harvest your crops on your land, do not harvest all the way to the corners of your fields. If grain falls onto the
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