Religions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam

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1. God to the people of the big three monotheist religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) see god as an all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-powerful being. I believe that that the Cosmological argument gives good reason to believe in the existence of God. The Cosmological argument focuses on everything having a cause except one thing that started it all, this starter is known as the “Prime Mover”. The Prime Mover is the one that starts everything without anything having a previous effect on it. With that people have assumed that the logical answer to who the prime mover is, is God. This to me seems the most logical of arguments because although there is the idea of eternity and an eternal cycle there has to be a starting point. I do not believe the argument is successful. The reason that the argument does not succeed is because what proof is there that the prime mover is an all powerful all mighty being? There could be alternate reasons related to science, The Big Bang Theory, which could also be a reason. One of Aquinas’s arguments against the cosmological argument discussed that since everything in nature had a time where it did not exist there had to be a time where it was nothing to bring anything into being. His argument was if this was possible there was nothing around to bring the universe into being in the first place. Due to this a being such as God is not likely to have existed before to create it. Who created God? The only thing that could be done to better prove
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