Religious Accommodation For Public Schools

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“Freedom of religion includes both the right to manifest beliefs and practices and the right to be free from state coercion or constraint in matters of religion ().” One of the most controversial places in which freedom of religion manifests itself is the public school. In order to protect freedom of religion, it is important to make sense of how a school must treat religion so the school does not compromise its role within society. This paper will establish current rulings on religion in public school and then explore what a religious accommodation is, why it may be necessary, and finally how it will take shape within the public school system by using a multitude of examples. This paper argues that religious accommodations for students in public schools are necessary to ensure freedom of religion. However, in order to guarantee that religious accommodation is enforceable and discernable, it argues for a two-pronged evaluation of each scenario in order to determine the viability of the proposed religious accommodation. Firstly, the accommodation must not infringe on the education of the other students not included in the accommodation by taking away their rights and the accommodation must not exempt a student from the education provided by the school. By applying this two-way evaluation system to given examples it will be concluded that religious freedom must absolutely be protected by way of certain religious accommodations provided that the school is not undermined by such
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