Religious And Ethnic Groups : Asians And Buddhism

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Religious and Ethnic Groups: Asians and Buddhism in America

Ladina K. Q. Pagud


January 25, 2015

Robert Nobis

Religious and Ethnic Groups: Asians and Buddhism in America

Asian Americans are a distinctive ethnic group that has made up of 5% of the United States population. It is made of a variety of descendants, from a dozen countries in Far East and Southeastern Asia. Each of these countries have a unique culture, language, and history that has contribute to American culture today. Asia is the birthplace of the world’s major religions which includes Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. From the Civil War to Civil Rights the Asian culture has transformed America socially and culturally. Compared to other
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In contrast to Americans, Asians have different languages, religious traditions, dialects, and history.

Asians are known across the world for their strong cultural values, and intelligence. A traditional Asian family consist of males as dominant, and women as passive. Children are raised to respect those whom are in authority, and family is their primary focus. It is emphasized that loyalty, and honesty must be present to avoid shame or embarrassment to the family. Discipline is used to control and train children in order to succeed or obtain achievements. The core values of a traditional Asian home are similar to other ethnic backgrounds. In most cultures, family is the number one priority above any other values. Confucianism is a part of the Asian tradition, in which four basic virtues are derived from philosophy and focuses on loyalty, respect for those in authority with compassion and righteousness.

Filipino sailors were the first to settle in the U.S. around 1750 in Louisiana, and were later accompanied by others with Asian descent to make up for the shortage of slaves. The first large settlement of Asians occurred in 1848, when gold was discovered in America. In addition to the Gold Rush prosper, many immigrants wanted to leave Asia because of the hardship of the war. The Gold Rush in California attracted many Chinese to come to the U.S. to find fortune, only to
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