Religious Beliefs Affect The Medical Decision Making Of Canadians

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Abstract This research project aims to explore the ways in which religious beliefs affect the medical-decision making of Canadians in Ottawa. Due to the diverse population in Canada people often practice medical plurality; which is employing biomedical and spiritual methods of healing modalities. Several Canadians have adopted informal guidelines according to their belief systems that dictate which medical healing modalities they seek when illness arises. In order to investigate the ways in which biomedical and spiritual thought intersect in Canada, this research will be conducted by examining articles done on various interviews, observation of patient-doctor interactions. Other research will include research done on churches, mosques, shrines, and clinics which will provide additional field sites for this research. The main purpose of this research would be focused towards answering the question of “how do patients perceive disease causation and treatment in light of their religious beliefs ?”. This research would also give insight into the various etiologies of disease that are adopted by both the biomedical and spiritual healing systems in Ottawa. It will also identify complementary aspects of both explanatory models of these systems, and to further propose practical steps towards building trust and collaboration between these systems and in patient-healer relationships in order to ultimately take steps toward improving health outcomes in partnering institutions within
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