Religious Beliefs Of The United States

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Despite the great medical science advances in recent history, there are still religious groups that choose to reject medical treatments and rely strictly on spiritual healing. Many of these religious parents believe they reserve the right to deny life-saving medical treatment for not just themselves, but also their children. To protect these religious beliefs, there have been many state laws passed that allow parents to withhold medical care from their children if it can be proved the treatment goes against their religious beliefs. Some of these religious exemptions protect parents from even being charged with manslaughter. However, protecting a parent’s religion is of much lesser importance when compared to protecting the life of a child. The removal of these religious exemptions is necessary to end the suffering of these children who are not being permitted necessary medical treatment and to assign the same rights of health and life to all children. One of the greatest testimonies against religious based medical neglect is that of Rita Swan’s. Rita and her husband were members of Christian Science and had practiced spiritual healing for treatment their entire lives. When their 15-month-old child, Matthew, developed an awful fever and progressively got sicker, Rita contacted the church’s practitioner who discouraged them from seeking any medical treatment. Matthew suffered for a week and eventually passed away from bacterial meningitis, an illness that is very treatable
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