Religious Cults Being Manipulative, Abusive And Exploitative Exploitive

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Religious Cults being manipulative, abusive and exploitative exploitive

Cults are developing and flourishing, as they cause a profound suffering to

many individuals. Many individuals close-mindedly follow religious Cults,

thus Religious cults tend to hinder their true reality in terms of their aberrant philosophy.

Religious cults are the parasites among religious institutions feeding on the insecurity of

their members by being; manipulative, abusive and exploitative.

Religious cults lean towards mental indoctrinating the cult members. To begin, a

religious cult in Guyana, People’s temple is infamous for the mass murder suicide in

1978, where 918 of the members had lost their lives. The so-called
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Many members say that they were not told about the

mass murder when preparing for the end of the world. As doctor Speciosa Wandira

Kazibwe says, “ this well orchestrated mass murder was perpetuated by malicious

criminals that were disguised as religious people” ( Atlanta). Many members of the

group sold their belongings and gave up their money to the cult leaders, as they were

demanded to do so. As on of the former cult member says, “Credonia was obsessed with

the desire to obtain the property of her followers,” (Snow 77). The cult leaders claim that

they have supernatural power and abilities as well as exclusive access to come form of

universal truth. This idea acts an alluring method for people to join the cult. Many

religious cults are manipulating people in terms of forbidding sleep, talking, medical

care, and talking away children from their parents. The Cult the movement for the

restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, compelled the cult members to slaughter

and eat bulls and drink 70 cases of Coca-Cola” (Snow 88). Religious cults mentally

manipulate members in conducting peculiar philosophical concepts, thus also leading to

abusiveness. The act of abusiveness is intensely prevalent in religious cults. Charles Manson,

was a religious cult leader in California during the year 1969. Him and his followers

viciously murdered eight innocent people. This cult consisted of a mix of LSD and

delusions. Suicide
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