Religious, Cultural and Psychological Views of Sexual Intercourse

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‘Sexual act’ is not an evil by itself. Indeed, sexual act is the powerful driven force for the survival of human race – don’t you agree. In biological sense, sexual act can lead to the exchange of genetic materials. Although, some might argue, the transfer of genetic information can be done in vitro process, in normal circumstance the natural method (referring to the sexual intercourse between male and female Homo sapiens) is more cost-effective. Besides, natural method can, while vitro process cannot, give physical and emotional pleasures to the extent that most sexual practitioners would crave for more. One of life’s greatest curses is that what is pleasurable is usually prohibited or at least harmful. Taking sweets in large quantities…show more content…
For more specific information, the research of Washton (1989) indicated that more than 60 percent of cocaine addiction patients had a problem of sexual addiction. In gay men, the correlation between sexual addiction and drug abuse was more prevalent (Stall, Paul, Greenwood, Pollack, Crosby, Mills, Binson, Coates, & Catania, 2001). Sexual addiction could relate to other addictions because the chemical change in the brain for many kinds of addiction, somehow, are similar (The Sexual Recovery Institute, 2013). Therefore, many professions related the problem of sexual addiction with the relapse of drug abuses (Schneider, 1991; Schneider & Iron, 1997; Washton, 1989) and suggested the inclusion of drug abuse assessment for the sexual addiction patients (Perkinson, 2004; Coleman-Kennedy & Pendley, 2002). However, some concerns raised. The inclusion of sexual addiction assessment to all drug abuse patients could only serve the commercial purposes (for making money) and professional egocentric (Nelson & Oehlert, 2008).
The problem of sexual addiction, alone, included both physical and psychological elements. Sexual addiction could lead to many physical complications, for instances, the
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