Religious Development Stages Essay

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Item 1: | Outline: Expectations and Challenges for RE Teachers | 20% | Either: 1. Outline Religious Developmental Stages that are likely to be encountered in the Primary school (3-6 years; 6-9 years; 9-12 years). 2. Include some brief suggestions for suitable activities at each level. To be handed in at the School of Education office by 4.00 p.m. on the due date. An electronic copy should also be sent to the unit coordinator, Gerard.O’ Maria Montessori developed three developmental stages within the primary school setting. These stages serve as a guide and help teachers in considering the education approach they need to take. In order for children to achieve each of these stages they need to start with a…show more content…
68). At this early stage of learning children have a need for movement and they therefore need to be provided with concrete materials in to become successful in their learning. At this early stage students learn about the story of The Good Shepherd. Children learn that the story of The Good Shepherd is a key story which introduces them to the person of Jesus. Through this story children construct their own image of Jesus and they can then relate to the security and safety that is provided by The Good Shepherd. Once the story of The Good Shepherd has been told within the classroom students can further their understanding by retelling and re-enacting the story. In groups students act out the story with a student as Jesus who is leading the other students who act as sheep, around the classroom, around places which may be of danger and then leading them to a lush place which provides the sheep with green grass, water and things that the sheep are able to eat. In this activity children are met with the need of concrete materials and they can then understand that there is someone loving and caring who is protecting them as The Good Shepherd is doing with his sheep. Montessori’s second stage of development is where children shift from the gathering data stage of learning to proposing their own theories about creation. It is a sensitive period for culture. Children assimilate their previous information that was developed in the absorbent mind stage and move to this
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