Religious Discrimination and Racial Harassment in the United States Workplace

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The diversity of the domestic and global workforce is increasing daily in the United States (U.S.). The growing number of immigrants and the expansion of globalization in the workforce forces organizations to make necessary adjustments to meet the needs of all their employees. People in organizations have different cultural and religious backgrounds that can be quite different in beliefs and practices (Johnson, 2012). The workforce is more diverse in ethnicity, culture, language, and religion (Borstorff & Arlington, 2011). The inflow of immigrants has augmented the number of religious denominations represented in the U.S. and as a result religious diversity is emerging as a significant issue.
Organizations often discriminate employees
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The operations manager ignored it and continued to attend his religious ceremony. The religious group he was involved with required his members to change their name as part of the commitment and religious practice. The operations manager changed his name and reported the information to Human Resources (HR). In addition, he spoke to the HR director about what his co-workers asked him about his religious beliefs. The HR director assisted him with providing the paperwork to change his name. She also assisted with the issues with co-workers.
The following day at work he encountered several negative situations at work that were not pleasant. His co-workers laughed at him. The operations manager’s office was found decorated with artifacts such as dolls with pins, witch hats, and containers of incense. The operations manager immediately contacted his supervisor regarding this incident. His supervisor saw his office and laughed and began to talk negative about his religious beliefs and ancestors. The operations manager got angry and the supervisor promised to handle the situation in a way to calm him down. As the months went by, the situation began to get out of hand. The operations manager went to the HR director to take care of the incident at work since his supervisor did not handle it accordingly. The HR director was out of the office and was unaware of the situation. The minute she found out about the issue she immediately called a meeting of all
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