Religious Drama And Its Impact On The Society Essay

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Religious comic drama is a newcomer to the post financially changed scene of Bollywood. Certainly, religion has frequently, one could state has dependably been a fixing in the subcontinent 's well known filmic charge. [1] However, by "religious drama," I allude to the late entry of films that, instead of including comic scenes, really manage a comic perspective while connecting with religion or unequivocally religious subjects. One film of such sort, “PK”, a film which, despite its December 2014 discharge, has as of now turn into the most noteworthy netting Bollywood film ever. Mahatma Gandhi is reported to have said "God has no religion". The need to test religious divisiveness is more noteworthy than any time in recent memory in the present situation. Religion in the present world is being utilized as an instrument to prompt brutality and persecute the minorities. The film PK uncovers the controls of sorted out religions and it does that exceedingly well. It unmasks the lip services natural in the possibility of religion, uncovering it just to find there is no genuine quintessence of religion. PK starts by showing a strangely human-looking outsider slipping in to earth. He gets robbed by a thief, who takes away his diamond like instrument that is a source of communication and a way to return back home. Thus this ET-like human cuts a peripatetic way from the deserts of Rajasthan to the capital city, New Delhi, in quest for the deity who apparently can help him: God. All
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