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Religious Education Essay – Is basing religion on morality a good idea?

Is basing religion on morality a good idea? Many people agree although some atheists may disagree.
One common complaint about secularism is that religion and belief in God are fundamentals for morality, justice, and a democratic society. The basic premise here is that the only values which ultimately matter are those which are transcendent, and such values can only be perceived and understood through religious tradition and a connection with the divine. It is strange that such a belief would be as common as it is, because religions and various types of theism have had literally thousands of years during which they could demonstrate that they could provide the
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This would be seen as inconsistent and simply applying the principles of no.1 on a wider scale. For those who consider to be flawed, it is God who establishes the foundations of morality. For people of faith the external moral code is based on sacred texts such as the Bible or Qur 'an; ideally, these moral codes are reflected in secular laws. Some religious groups (e.g. Catholics and Orthodox) supplement this external code with an internal moral one based on Natural Law; this moral guide is "written in the heart" of every human being and includes such things as the sanctity of life and the inclination towards fairness, goodness and cooperation. For the person of faith, it is not enough to consider the wishes of the individual, important though he or she undoubtedly may be; nor is it sufficient to consider the goal of a harmonious and stable society. For believers the underlying basis for morality is that all human beings are made in the Divine image and likeness; thus all are intimately connected. This is why Christ was able to say 'Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters you do to me." (Matthew 25:40) and John states "Let us love one another since love is from God, and everyone who love is a child of God and knows God." (I John4:7) Thus, for the person of faith, although it is quite possible to be a morally good person without explicitly acknowledging God, that
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