Religious Experience : Buddhism And Christianity

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Religious Experience: Buddhism & Christianity: Protestantism To understand my experiences in both a Buddhist ceremony as well as a Protestant ceremony, I believe one must first understand my personal beliefs. I never had a name for what I believed, as both of my parents are Baptist and all that I ever knew was that I was not. However, curiosity coupled with this course caused me to venture out and find a name for how I have been inclined towards for years- agnostic. I do not believe there is a God (of any sort) or lack thereof. I am firmly grounded in my agnostic beliefs. In class we have discussed different people who are so rooted in a faith that cannot be scientifically proven. Whatever they believe to be reality, they want it to be widely known and accepted— so much so that some participate in inquisitions and reformations capable of demolishing entire civilizations. All of this being said, I took a step back in both of my experiences and tried to see the ceremonies at face value from a nonjudgmental standing. The following are my accounts proceeded by my comparison and contrast of the two, and lastly conclusions based upon what I saw. On November 10 at 7 p.m., I visited the Fort Worth YWCA at 512 West 4th Street for a Buddhist religious experience. This was taught by James Rice who is a Kadampa Buddhist teacher. The first thing was a small payment of $5 that he collected as soon as everyone filled into the room. He said a few announcements and a brief prayer. It was
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