Religious Expression in New Zealand

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In New Zealand, religion is continually changing to keep up with the ever-changing society around it. Various cults and sects have come into existence as a result of this unstable society we live in here in New Zealand. It is hard to call such groups a religion as they match the characteristics of a typical religion such as the Catholic Church or Buddhism. However people still continue to follow these false religions as they believe that these groups may hold the answer to this continually changing world we live. In New Zealand we can clearly see the actions and consequences of having religion in our culture. New Zealanders, just like most of the developed world, are still affected by religion today even if they choose not to join one, as…show more content…
Worship in religions is often only confined to a Sunday morning where a service is usually held in a building local to the community. People are not often finding the time to actually practice their religions and to worship unfortunately which means that many people are forced to cast aside days meant for worship in favour of work. Worship is often confined to the little time people get alone at night before bed where they may pray, read their sacred text or otherwise. The ways through which worship is done is generally remaining constant however (praying, reading the sacred text, going to a Sunday service) and often these methods are not very time-consuming so people actually have the opportunity to do them. The 2001 and 2006 New Zealand censuses show us clearly that foreign religions are dramatically increasing as the number of immigrants to New Zealand grows exponentially. The religions experiencing this influx of members are Sikh, Hinduism and Islam, all increasing by more than 50% between 2001 and 2006. These statistics show us that immigrants tend to stay with their religion they had in their home country which often is the state religion of the country. This dedication to religion is a good example for the rest of the New Zealand community. They may choose to continue to follow their original religion and not converting to the more common Christian denominations because their religion
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