Religious Faith And God 's Role Among Men

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Emmanuel Levinas was a twentieth century Jewish philosopher who published many essays and works about the ethics within religious faith and God’s role among men. Levinas’ ideologies are fairly contradictory to the ones instilled upon me growing up in a Catholic faith. In his writings, Levinas shuts down the idea of an all forgiving God, while shining all the importance of living an ethical, merciful lifestyle on the practice of religion. Although his beliefs bring forth a lot of curiosity and reflection within me, I find it to be very difficult to accept them as true, most likely because of my Christian up-bringing. In his essay featured in the article, “To Love the Torah More Than God,” Levinas, in contrast to Christianity’s goal of spreading the word of Christ, describes that the objective of Judaism is to spread the moral teachings based off of the Torah, in hopes that people will be able to live responsible and authentic lives. Whereas the most important idea in the Christian faith is to show loyalty and love toward God and Christ, Levinas explains that the best way to appease God is to have a sense of responsibility toward your neighbors. He explains that God has provided us with the free will to act out our lives in either a positive or negative manner: even allowing us to be destructive. Levinas points out that evils and disasters exist in order to test our morality. The Lord allows for suffering in order to allow for salvation. By helping those in need and loving
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