Religious Freedom And Separation Of Church And State Essay

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After many frustrations and disputes arising out of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the termination of Bill Establishing A Provision for Teachers of Christian Religion and the new Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom mark a necessary and significant turn. The people of Virginia can finally savor the religious freedom that they longed for. I shall hereby applaud the efforts pushed forth by the honorable James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and so many others who shared the common stance on religious freedom and separation of church and state. However, the achievement seemed provincial when placed in the context of the larger United States. The new nation is at great stake because the congregational church in Massachusetts disallows and persecutes any deviation from its core religious interpretation; Jews are perceived as the enemies of the Christ by a large group of people; and the Catholic minority in many states still suffers. Therefore, absolute religious freedom and the separation of church and state shall be guaranteed in the new constitution in order to maintain the supremacy of God over the state and purity of the God we trust, annihilate the violence, persecution and tyrannies the God disdains, uphold the God-given natural rights we once fought for and construct this blessed new nation to be free and prosperous. God is the divine creator of the universe whereas civil laws are the derivative of humankind. In other words, Christian Religion pre-existed any form of state or
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