Religious Freedom in the Workplace Essay

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Atheism is not considered a religion, but a religious belief. One could argue in the workplace that you are not breaking any boundaries. However, if you are forcing religion on someone then a line has been crossed. According to Brierton (1992) he states that, “the owners of Townley Engineering required all employees to attend weekly nondenominational devotional services. Employees were paid to attend and were required to sign a statement agreeing to follow all employee handbook policies of which the weekly services were listed. Louis Pelvaz an employee of Townley asked to be excused from the services because he was an atheist” (p.414).
I believe that his request should have been honored because even though the church is nondenominational
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However, some Christians do not celebrate Halloween because they feel it is worshipping the devil. The one major holiday that they do not celebrate is Christmas. Brierton (1992) states, “Harden, an employee of Lesco, was instructed to answer the telephone with the Merry Christmas greeting. Harden, a Jehovah's Witness, informed the president that answering the telephone with such a greeting would compromise her beliefs and as a result Harden was terminated the same day” (p. 414).
The employers did not give Harden a chance nor did they try to accommodate her with giving her an alternate greeting that did not consist of “Merry Christmas.” The employers took an ethical egoism perspective on the situation. The employers decided that it would be best for them if they let her go. I do not think that was the best thing to do especially if that was her first offense. The employers could have worked something out that worked in both their favor. The employee probably looked at this situation from a deontology view point. The job did not exercise the Golden Rule. I am sure that if it came down to it the employer would not want to be discriminated against because of their religion. The employer would not want to be forced to say something that they found to be against their religious beliefs. I feel that in this situation they were not trying to save the employer just themselves. However, the employers should have thought about how their actions would have affected
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