Religious Groups Of Colonial America Essay

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Religion in Colonial America Religion had a big impact in shaping what America is today. Religion still has a big role in modern American society, even with the emergence of Scientific belief systems which would have been condemned in colonial America. Religion has the capability of shaping its follower’s entire lives, countless people lived and died to preserve their spot in the afterlife. One of the key reasons many chose to immigrate to America was for freedom of religion. Religion is the belief of something beyond what is scientifically proven. Many different religious sects moved to America for various reasons. In this essay, we will examine some of the major religious groups of Colonial America and their effect on shaping America. Prior to the arrival of colonial settlers “all but the simplest indigenous cultures in North America had developed coherent religious systems that included cosmologies—creation myths, transmitted orally from one generation to the next, which purported to explain how those societies had come into being” (NationalHumanitiesCenter). Most Native Americans worshipped a single all-knowing all-powerful creator that would take on a variety of forms and roles. Tribal creator gods varied by region, but the Great Spirit was worshipped in several areas by many tribes. Native Americans, unlike their Christian counterparts tended to believe in multiple gods which had control on other aspects of their lives. Native ceremonial traditions varied by differing

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