Religious Groups Responses On Science Groups

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Oluwatosin Adegbonmire Leh 355-A03W Prof Telliel 5/26/16 Religion Vs Science Research Topic: Religious groups responses on science group theories on how the world was formed in the modern era. In this essay, we are going to focus on religious group responses to science group theories on how the world was formed in the modern era. We see there has always being a conflict between religion and science groups, because they both believe in different ways on how the world was formed. The religious groups believe the world formation came from God and created by God, and they see him as the creator. The science groups believe in evolution, we come from apes and they believe the world was formed through the…show more content…
Kook treats evolution as a philosophical theory not as a scientific theory. While the natural mechanisms of evolution don’t interest him. He believes not everyone has to accept these theories no matter how accepted they are or talked about. He sees it as a matter of choice. He believes very soon scientific knowledge will be further developed and all the theories will be ridiculed and despised but God’s words will forever endure and live forever. Rabbi Mordecai M. Kaplan studied philosophy he has an enduring appreciation for evolution of both human beings and human culture. He believes there is a God, and science function should be just to study categorizations of phenomena. Kaplan concern was moral behavior, which is the individual 's knowledge of social and cultural norms and the ability to perform good works through noble actions. He believes humans should learn about the purpose of both, religion and evolution unless. that believe is affecting the person’s behavior or once chance of achieving salvation. He also believes we should apply the methods of science to issues of religion. “Science can have a salutary effect on religion”. (Cherry 271) Kaplan believes that science can have an effect on the way people view religion because, science influenced his understanding on religion and religion influenced his understanding on science so they are both useful. Prof. Yeshayahu Leibowitz, another religious
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