Religious Intolerance And The Religion Essay

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Almost all organized religions, (related to thinking about how people think) systems, and (not part of the church) systems of sense of right and wrong include such an ethic. It is normally meant to apply to the whole human race. (what a shame), it is too often given by some people only to believers in the same religion or even to others in the same (religious group/category of paper money), of the same (male/female status), the same sexual (inborn pattern of romantic and sexual interest and identity), etc. religious intolerance is defined as any action or call for action which badly mistreats or unfairly treats people on the ground of their (related to religion or the soul) faith. The important word here is natural process. The Bible contains many references to religious intolerance in passages that (help increase/show in a good way) bad mistreatment, mass murder and mass murder against people of other religions.

The fruits of religious freedom depend on the constant hard work of communities in kind and giving/taking good care of kindness, respect and back-and-forth exchange the two-way street of (kindness that helps others). Sustaining religious freedom is part of a just and free (community of people/all good people in the world). This back and forth/equal between people (responsibility/duty) is founded on the built-in worth and value of each person and the moral sense of right and wrong that guides human (service business/government unit/power/functioning). Going on
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