Religious Intolerance In America

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Religious Intolerance wasn’t created in day it has always been present throughout history. When the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock they were trying religious persecution in Europe but instead brought it with them. Many were “Coming to an America where they found a welcome melting pot in which everyone was free to practice his or her own faith” (Davis). Soon this melting pot became a boiling cauldron of hate and massacre. Everyone in the pot believed that they were surrounded by sinners because they were not conforming. Many Pilgrims were banished because they would not give up their ideals. Some strong believers actually killed those who did not follow a set of beliefs that were related to a religion. Many of the Native Americans who populated America were massacred because they would not leave their gods.…show more content…
The natives were killed because they would not leave their own religion and went against the Pilgrims own. This kind of massacre has not only happened once it happened again in South America. When the Spanish King Philip II was still in charge he was a strict Catholic and regarded all other religions as impure. King Phillip’s Commander Pedro Menendez de Aviles reported to the King that they “Hanged all those we had found in [Fort Caroline] because….they were scattering the odious Lutheran doctrine in these provinces”(Davis). Scores of Lutherans were killed just because they wanted to live their lives and worship God in their own way. History has shown that Religious hate has always been part of the World's
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