Religious Intolerance

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Religious intolerance

1. Introduction notes
“Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don 't make me wear your shoes.” George Carlin

2. Definition of tolerance:
1. The capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.
2. The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
3. Definition of tolerance according to the 19th century British historian Arnold Toynbee: for a religious establishment to persecute another religion for being "wrong" ironically puts the persecuting religion in the wrong, undermining its own legitimacy.

"A person born in Egypt or Pakistan is very likely to be a Muslim; one
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And he also said: Whoever has killed a person having a treaty with the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise, though its fragrance is found for a span of forty years.
d. The Prophet was asked, "Messenger of God, are we rewarded for kindness towards animals?" He said: There is a reward for kindness to every living animal or human.
e. We can witness that the Prophet, peace be upon him, saw a funeral procession pass by. He stood for it. When he was told that it was the funeral of a Jew, he replied: Was he not a soul?

7. What does Islam say about if how to treat people
a. Killing women, children, old people, or any civilian even in war is prohibited in Islam.
b. Respect other religions:

"There is no compulsion in religion..."
(Qura’an, Chapter 2, Verse 256) "

If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ"
(Quran, Chapter 5, Verse48)
c. Be honest.

8. Islamic tolerance towards other religions
“And do not abuse those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest exceeding the limits they should abuse Allah out of ignorance. Thus have We made fair seeming to every people their deeds; then to their Lord shall be their return, so He will inform them of what they
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