Religious Knowledge Vs Indigenous Knowledge

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While researching and analyzing information, it is important to consider different perspectives from different sources and experts. However, one has to ask, how can two experts have two different viewpoints when presented with the same facts? For the purpose of this essay, an ‘expert’ will be defined as a person that has an abundant amount of knowledge about a specific subject area or skill and a ‘fact’ as a piece of information that is indisputable. Based on the indigenous knowledge system and religious knowledge system an expert is accustomed to, the way that they perceive knowledge can be altered specifically due to the role of emotion in each knowledge system.

The indigenous knowledge system of an expert and the emotional connection of
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I myself am a Catholic, and I believe in one God, Jesus is the son of God, and the teachings in the Bible. I would consider myself to be an expert on catholicism because I have an abundant amount of knowledge on catholicism and the Bible, and I would consider leaders of the Catholic Church, such as Pope Francis, to also be experts of catholicism due to their abundant amount of information about catholicism. While I am not saying that I am equal to the pope and his devotion to God, I do know that we share common beliefs within our religious knowledge system. We each are devoted to our religion due to our faith that we have in God as well as our deep emotional connection to Him. Personally, I am emotionally connected to my beliefs because I am able to practice my religion with my family members, which is an emotional connection I have to my religion. My emotion is what causes me to have certain beliefs within my own religious knowledge system, and while I cannot speak for the Pope, it is evident that the Pope has a deep emotional connection to the Virgin Mary as evident by his actions. Redemptorist Fr. Sabatino Majorano who is a professor at Rome's Alphonsianum Institute, has noticed that Pope Francis has a "more personal, more intimate" relationship with Mary (Wooden and Catholic News Service). The Pope has been seen to kiss and touch the statue of the Virgin Mary, which is seen in the religious community as very emotional (Wooden and Catholic News Service). It is evident that the Pope has a strong emotional connection to catholicism, specifically through his devotion to the Virgin Mary, and thus, both the Pope and I use our emotional connection within our religious knowledge system to form our beliefs. Emotion has allowed these conclusions among experts to be drawn. It can then be concluded that experts from the same
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