Religious Orientation Is Catholic Or Any Other Religion?

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R- Religion/ Spirituality- My religious orientation is Catholic. Growing up my mom made us attend CCD classes and go to church. As an adult I chose not to go to church or have my children attend religious classes. This will not change how I counsel my clients that choose to be Catholic or any other religion. Everyone has the right to choose what religion they want to practice and what they want to believe in. E- Economic/ Class background- I will not judge clients on their finical or social background. I will provide my clients with the information that they need to get financial help. S-Sexual orientation and/or gender identity- Being a different gender or having a different gender identity doesn’t bother me, everyone has the right to be happy and feel loved. Growing up I was taught to that boys have to get dirty, play in mud and do gross things and girls were supposed to play with dolls were dresses and be proper. I would always get in trouble for playing in puddles with my brother and not playing with my dolls. This made me realize that just because society says this is how boys and girls are supposed to act, doesn’t mean it is bad or wrong if a boy wants to do girl things and a girl wants to do boy things. I will treat all my clients with respect and get them the help they came to me for no matter their gender or their identity. P-Personal Style and education- I am a very laid back and easy going person, but I am serious, understanding and a good listener when I am
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