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This past United States presidential election caught religious leaders by surprise. For the first time the number of non-religious voters outnumbered any single religious bloc of voters in a national election. This is the latest in a string of sobering reminders churches face a challenging new era in America. The number of Americans identifying themselves as having no particular religious faith (nones) has accelerated the past decade. The Pew Research Center reported one-fifth of registered voters in America were “nones.” There were more “nones” registered than protestant Christians. There were more “nones” than Roman Catholics. How the Church in America got Blindsided Like so many other parish pastors, I worked with elders to discern…show more content…
Most were laser focused on their own members and their own brand of ministry. Others were engrossed with the seeker-sensitive movement, which was marketing by Christians for Christians. “Nones” were not seekers. 
 Where Conservative Churches in America Stand Now Membership in North American churches is being whittled down to the most committed members. These members are faithful to a denomination or congregation or pastor. Outside of the largest “box store” churches, I think congregational members are more unified in beliefs and values than they were a quarter century ago. Opposition and disrespect from society is forging tighter bonds among members of Confessional, Evangelical or Fundamentalist churches. The is also causing church members to increasingly distrustof outsiders. It seems like churches are almost subconsciously erecting new barriers to new people in order to protect themselves. Installing invisible security systems to protect our churches has the unintended consequence of making participation in God’s mission more difficult. God’s mission is about God sending and gathering. As the Father sent Jesus, so Jesus sends us (John 20:21). Church leaders are hesitant to send their members into the teeth of persecution. Members are not enthused about inviting their neighbor to church when their congregation is suspicious of new people. The Remnant of Americans
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