Religious Rights Vs Gay Rights Essay

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Religious Rights vs. Gay Rights

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community have always had issues with discrimination and prejudice; even now anti-gay movements are growing not only in our communities but also in our legislative branch in the government. These people disguise their hate behind the constitution and claim freedom of religion and speech. There ignoreos is growing to our congressmen and women, laws are being pass in some states to prevent other anti gay laws. We as a nation in some states are regressing as a whole and not progressing. The progress we have made recently which allows gay marriage in all 50 states is wonderful progress but we can and should do much more to allow LGBT members the equality they …show more content…

Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed in Indiana is one example just a way to legalize discrimination against gays: any business owner could now refuse to serve them simply by citing a religious objection. Why do laws like these get pass. Its because of religious congressmen and women who put their beliefs in the bible on religion over the laws they are supposed to uphold and protect. Luckily some of these laws have been proven to be unconstitutional under the supreme court but only after years of activist fighting them. We have made a lot of progress over the years but it still isn't enough to protect the LGBT community. In this country today can get married on Saturday post pictures on the wedding online on sunday and be fired from their job or evicted from the apartment on monday for their sexual orientation. There needs to a national law protected everyone from any form of discrimination.
If you ask someone if it is illegal to fire someone if they're gay they will most likely say yes but that's not the case in most of the country. This is why we as a country need to push for better laws protecting LGBT members and their rights. Until lawmakers put aside their religious and anti-gay beliefs and give LGBT members their basic right do they don't have to live in fear or losing there home or job just because of who they

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