Religious Site Visit (Rel 2011)

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Location: Chabad Center of Kendall Date visited: February 1, 2013 Interviewed person: Sect: Chabad Lubavitch

My site visit took place on the first of February 2013 I had the privilege of attending the candle lighting ceremony of the Judaism religion. To bring in the day called Shabbat ( a sacred day to the Jewish community) at the Chabad Center of Kendall and Pincrest they lit candles, sang songs, and recited words from the Torah that reminded them of the historical story of Shabbat. The Shabbat is the equivalence to the Christian tradition of the Sabbath, where the religious community stops to rest and ponder on the holy one. This establishment is a well-respected and reputable Chabad Lubavitch branch of the Jewish
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The origin of this ceremony comes from a story of a woman named Sarah a legend or myth it seems and the wife of Abraham who would light a candle on Friday which would stay light until the following week on Friday. This legend came to designate a day of rest to honor the Shabbat queen as they call her and bring peace to the home. The actual gesture of lighting the candles though came from a more practical reason; they needed the candles in order to see the traditional Shabbat food during dinner time; as well as the symbolic meeting of inviting God into their home. I unfortunately did not get to stay for their Shabbat dinner they were hosting but from my research I know it must have been kosher. According to legend they had picked Friday evening to start this tradition because that is when Sarah would replace her miracle candle with a new one and the story would begin once again, a very literal and practical take on their myth. As we know legends exist to teach us a bigger life meaning and this one teaches us that we must take a day to reflect upon ourselves and the lord while having a day of much needed rest. In many peoples’ lives if it were not for this ceremony many would over exert themselves or even forget to take a break within their weekly routines, a simple yet valuable lesson on life. The rabbi mentioned how the congregation has most likely sinned throughout the week but that they could once

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