Religious Tolerance

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I am tolerant, you are permissive, I have reasonable scruples, and you are a conservative. (Author Unknown)
Does this sound like the thoughts of most of us? Many people think that they have to understand and accept the religious beliefs of others in order to get along with them. Respecting someone’s choice to practice their religion does not mean that you must believe the same as they do. In today’s society, we are faced daily with choices on whether or not to tolerate the practices and actions of people around us. More times than not, people ignore actions of those around them when their actions do not affect them personally. If a person dresses in an offensive style or uses inappropriate conduct in the presence of others, more
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Students claim that their beliefs are openly mocked in college classrooms around the country and the professors do not encourage the same respect be shown for their religion as every other belief system discussed in class.” When religious leaders insist that public schools perform plays, such as the Nativity, in the name of religious tolerance it should be examined to determine if it is a self serving request. Would they also demand that the Battles of Krishna be re-enacted? All children should be taught of other religions and to learn the history of other religions, but not be required to act out specifics from a particular religion. We may wish that state schools embraced our religious beliefs, but must recognize that secularism in education is the beginning of religious tolerance, not the suppression of it. The state system must use its non-denominational status to educate children in all the major faiths, but that is where it must stop.

What can we do about it? “Every hour a hate crime is committed and half are
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