Religious Violence On The Mind Of God

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Los Angeles, University of California Press, 2000, 3rd edition, 319, $25.76, 0-520-24011-1) Religion, as most people would think, offers a beautiful avenue for social harmony bringing members of society together in worship with a common love for one central thing. While many religions exist, all still pertain the idea of a centralized love and worship. Religion though, especially in recent decades, has caused mass violence and hysteria causing tidal wives in chaos across the world. Religious violence has always been a perplexing idea as the belief of committing violence for a religion puzzles society. In Juergensmeyer 's Terror in the Mind of God, Juergensmeyer states that religion, not the only cause for violence, offers the “mores and symbols” that make committing violence in the name of religion occur. Examples from his research into violence belonging to each religion allow him to further comprehend motives that spark terrorist into action. Using the evident similarity between each religions acts of violence as his inquiry 's foundation, Juergensmeyer displays a brilliant understanding of the logic behind religious violence. Juergensmeyer 's evaluation on religious violence begins with the its purpose. The word terrorism is derived from the word terror, as that is what terrorism 's result is, terror. It is used to catapult society into terror and install fear in civilian’s lives. A question often asked and rarely answered is that, why would someone commit such an act
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