Religious and Ethic Groups

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Religious and Ethnic Groups

Religious Group:

The religious group I wish to write about is Buddhism. According to the Britannica Encyclopedia, Buddhism is defined as a religion of eastern and central Asia growing out of the teaching of Gautama Buddha that suffering is inherent in life and that one can be liberated from it by mental and moral self-purification. The religion of Buddhism differs from other religious groups is that there is no one Almighty God. In Buddhism, the ultimate objective of followers is enlightenment and/or liberation from Samsara; rather than to go to a Heaven (or a deva realm in the context of Buddhist cosmology). Buddhism does not point fingers or judge others as other religious groups do. I believe
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I feel that even before researching on this racial group I had a very clear understanding of it due to what I have learned from the race their selves and history. I am white and I have been in interracial relationships with black people for years. My recent relationship taught me a lot about his race and culture. He gave me the insight of it from the black man’s perspective and a lot more truths than what the schools teach. From my readings I basically just gained a little more confirmation to what I have learned from this race in my own personally experiences.

In conclusion, both the groups I chose to discuss have experienced similar prejudices and discrimination. Both have died and suffered tremendously for being who they are. They have had their homes and lives destroyed, been imprisoned and judged just for being who they are. They are different because one is of course a religion while another is a race and these two do not originally practice the same religion. Buddhism originated in India but Islam is the original practiced religion of Africans. Now the religious practice of black people is very diverse. I feel that people discriminated so much against these two because they were very different from everyone else. While everyone else seemed to worship a God, the Buddhist did not and the black people were different in color and culture
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