Religious and Ethnic Diversity Paper

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Religious and Ethnic Diversity Paper ETH/125 July 7, 2013 The religion group that I pick would be Christianity because I love to know what the other religions believes in and how do they worship. In ethnicity group that I pick to talk about is Asian (Asian descent) I have learned a lot since this class about the different type of ethnicity group but I work a lot around Asian when I am at work. These two choices are different from each other but I would love to learn more about their religion and ethnicity group. My selected of religion groups are different for other religious groups because the religion group do not have the same beliefs, values, or worship practices as other religion group. In the belief the most important…show more content…
The sources for prejudice and discrimination would have to words of testimony and the words for the fellows of Christianity’s that live around me. I also understand only from what they have told me not what is their history or what is done in their church. In the racial group that I have chosen was Asian. The different parts of Asia that I am going to talk about is their culture. Asian descent culture and language are different in some many ways from others because they have their own way of dressing. Asian culture there are many parts that Asia’s indigenous population is Mongolic stock. Some of the religions are Theravada Buddhism, Lamaism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, or East Asian Buddhism. They are all different in some many ways of living and beliefs. Their language is different in many ways too. Some don’t pronounce or talk the same as other racial group. In my conclusion is that both ethnicity group and religion group that I chose to talk about have prejudice and discrimination but that is with most people that are not understanding and open mended to anything. When it comes down to it they are some similar in so many ways. They get judged on based on some one else’s ways but they can also be different because their language, cultures, and their background that will impact the religion group and ethnicity group. Reference: Http:
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