Religious wars in the Middle East (Holy Land)

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There were many conflicts that lead to religious wars in the Middle East or the Holy Land. History gives no valid claim to any piece of land; someone else was always there earlier. This gives reason that the Arabs and Israelis are not fighting about religion due to the fact that they are not trying to promote their faith. Many religions peoplehood are rooted in the Holy Land, such as Judaism and Christianity. The ancient Hebrews were almost continually at war and were conquered by Assyria, Persia, Alexander the Great, and Rome. The Jews became a dispersed people but preserved a sense of their nationhood through the books of the Bible. Over time many of the Jews were converted; whether it was forced or voluntary, they assimilated into local life. Jews became so intertwined in the lives of people all around the world. The Jews had a psychological connection to the land rather than a "blood" connection. This allowed the Jews to spread spatially while still developing a strong connection to God. The peaceful spread of Jews, though, caused religious carnages and expulsions. The Enlightenment of the eighteenth century brought back religious intolerance and brought Jews out of the ghetto and into citizenship in West Europe. This was a slow process done in backward Russia where most Jews lived. Earlier outbursts against the Jews were connected to the fight to convert them. The new nationalism of Europe saw Jews as a racially distinct and impure people. Nationalism is an
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