Relishing the Ambrosia of Hope in Stephen Crane´s Bowery in Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

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At the bed of the deepest ocean, exist a distinguished sect of people. They live with no warmth or light, in the darkest, most nefarious pit of the world. They eternally drown. An occult force leisurely sips their souls, relishing every drop. It savors the thin and sweet nectar of innocence as it fluidly streams down its throat, appeasing its taste buds but never quenching the crave for more. This mystic being extracts the cherubic innocence of a child’s laughter before it even has the chance to dance upon their lips. However, it lives within the souls of the children; it is engraved in their bones, an intrinsic quality passed from generation to generation. It works from the inside to turn every person against one another, to make them…show more content…
Without building the base for the building, which would be their child’s ethical outlook, parents try to make a skyscraper. They threaten children with stories and gibe about the devil and hell, but they do not realize that their children have no perception of the opposite side, God and purity. They cannot appreciate the darkness of the devil without understanding the beauty of God and religion. In the Bowery, inhabitants possess a warped sense of religion that fails to offer truth and sanctuary. Instead, religion is just a word for these people; they throw it around without understanding what it is and why it exists. The victims of the Bowery have no pure sense of untainted religion. They do not see that God teaches humans to practice ethic and to love others; without this fundamental comprehension, it is impossible for them actually to apply these ideologies in their lives. Still, they attempt to incorporate religion into their lives because they see the more affluent people doing so. In trying to affiliate religion with the filthy and obscene Bowery, they corrupt the core purpose of it. They do not see that it is impossible to tie such a white and pure idea to a place so iniquitous and scarred. When they try to tie this knot, they unveil the hypocrisy in their actions and words. Crane instills these qualities of hypocrisy in Jimmie and Mary in order to show the Bowery’s naivety towards genuine morality
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