Reliving the Columbine Shooting

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The adrenaline in Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris's vein begins but so does the nightmare.
It's April 20, 1999 an ordinary Tuesday morning at columbine high school. In about two weeks approximately 300 seniors will be graduating and perhaps attending college. For many students this means that they will be moving to a different chapter in their lives, and the beginning of a new life and life journey however for many students these goals won't be accomplished. On this particular Tuesday morning several students’ lives will unfortunately end in tragedy. Students today will head about their day as usual but two seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris will be very vengeful and will not allow anything to get in their path.
Their highly anticipated nightmare to which they refer to as a dream will come to a reality and end with the lives of 12 students and 1 teacher. How far will two bullied teenagers seeking for revenge go? Well just enough to end their own lives.
As the first lunch period begins students rush in, the lunchroom will be seating about 500 students and also those who will decide to eat outside since columbine has open campus lunch. Many students will also head to different classrooms to get work done or study, such ideal place like the library, where most of the fatalities took place. While everyone is busy taking tests…
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