Relocating a Call Center

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Part A:
The case describes the activities of a hypothetical roadside assistance organisation that is considering the relocation of its call centre from an existing base in the West Midlands of England to a location in Mumbai in western India.
Every activity of this project includes the time about how long the activity will be taking place. For example, the business plan is expected to take four working weeks, the presentation meeting is expected to be completed in one day and so on. Therefore, time is one of the considerations which might be taken into account in deciding this project. Cusworth and Franks (2007) said the actual progress has to match or beat planned progress. The activities of the project must be finished before or
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However, the income in average person in India is less than that in UK which can lead to the sales volume is not significant. This circumstances could also cause the fail of this project.

The overseas group from UK will conduct detailed negotiations with the potential vendors in Mumbai. (E. Sam and T. Mar, 2000) considered the communication is a critical process required for managing a project. No organization can succeed or progress, build up reputation, and win friends and customers without effective communication skills.( The importance of communication, 2006) The project manager is in the key position to develop the communication links from the outside company with suppliers. (B. Rory, 2004) said that the communication planning pulls the project together. As the overseas group from UK should conduct the negotiations with the vendors in India, the communication between them is very important. If they have the problem about the communication, the negotiations must cause the end of the project. The managers of this roadside assistance organisation is at the heart of the information and control system. They must develop the communication skills to reduce the failure of their negotiations.
Project control
The team in UK will be divided into two groups. Because of one group will take charge of the closure of the UK facility and the other will travel to

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