Relocation And Merger Of Three Branches Of India Travel Inc.

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Project Charter Project Name: Relocation and Merger of Three Branches of India Travel Inc., in Mumbai East Date: 21/03/2016 Introduction: India Travel Inc. (ITI) is a company which specializes in escorted luxury and small tour and travel packages for discriminating clients. It operates from three different locations in Mumbai. For the past three years, ITI had been experiencing exceptional growth in this business segment. To take this opportunity to next level, company’s executive team planning to collaborate it three branches into one single dedicated call center to provide enhanced customer service and meet their growing needs and expectations. Project Scope: Due to continuous growth in most successful arm of the business: hard-adventure…show more content…
Recruitment of new staff. Business Case: India Travel Inc., a long established Indian Tour & Travel company, is planning to broaden market share as well as increase brand recognition because tourism industry growing 5% annually and there are only few providers of hard-adventure travel packages. ITI seeks to turn this opportunity more effectively by merge its three branches: a Sharp Travels, CVR Travel and Triangle Bus services to a new dedicated call center building. Milestones Schedule and Deliverables: Project Milestones Completion Date Stakeholder Judge Acceptance Criteria Current State: Project Start 01/05/2016 Project Manager Agreement with deliverables. Successful installation of furniture, telephone and communication systems Project Manager Timely inspection Successful completion and verification of staff training Agreement with deliverables. Successful vacant of 3 retail units Staff tour to new building Future state: Final inspection and start of operations in new call center in new building Ultimate Goal: The successful relocation and merger of the three branches into the one prime location without hampering operations 1 week prior to the decided deadline date by
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