Remember About Charter Schools, By Samuel Abrams

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In “Forget about charter schools,” Samuel Abrams, implies that we should incorporate business concepts to schools. Milton Friedman, a renown economist from the University of Chicago, called for a free market approach to schools in 1955. He said it would be it improve the educational system and parents and students would have a greater choice in their education. Furthermore, Freidman contended that it would free students from segregated schools and that would produce competition amongst schools. The problem with Milton’s assertions is that they would not create more competition; instead, they would create more segregation where the disadvantaged would be forced to pay for schools out of pocket if they wanted their children to go to better…show more content…
Teachers are the subject in that they have knowledge that they then infer knowledge onto students. Students, in turn, are objects that receive, memorize, and repeat. The concept of banking prevents students from using their full intellectual capacity.

Freire was a proponent of the problem-posing method of teaching. This method relies on one 's metacognitive awareness. It is important for the student to know where they are in their understanding of the material. Further, this method of teaching encourages self-reflection in that a student thinks of how they are thinking. The problem-posing method encourages critical thinking whereas the banking concept does not.

Freire stated that the banking concept stimulated credulity and he is correct. For to learn we must question and come to conclusions of what the truth is. That is through reasoning and examination of what we are presented. When a student is receiving information and repeating it is learning to an extent, yet the understanding of the material is lacking.

Paulo Freire called for praxis in the education system. He taught the poor in Brazil to teach him how to teach them. He did that with spectacular results that the military dictatorship made him stop. Learning is something that is constantly remade in action.

Jean Anyon points out four different social and school designations. They are the working class, the middle class, upper middle class, and the
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