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Remembering Dreams Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. Everyone dreams, whether they remember it or not. The real question is why some people remember their dreams and others do not? The art of remembering dreams is influenced by the first few minutes after waking, the health of a person, environmental, and biological factors. A person has a large impact on their ability to recall dreams along with what they dream about, even though many people do not know about this. Imagine getting into bed after a hard day of work, your head hits the pillow and you start to drift off. This is stage one of sleeping, similar to daydreaming. Stage one is also the time in which you have…show more content…
Anxiety and depression have a substantial impact on recalling dreams. Consequently, when a person is anxious or depressed they tend to wake up more often throughout the night (Caceres). Waking up in the middle of a dream makes it easier to remember. If a dream has finished while you are sleeping, there is a much greater chance of not remembering it because your brain has drifted from the REM period to another stage in the sleep cycle. This can be explained with the instance of waking up during a nightmare and remembering exactly what was happening. When the waking is done naturally the body is able to recall dreams; however, when waking is unnatural it results in the opposite effect. For this reason, recalling our previous thoughts is often difficult to do with the assistance of alarm clocks, or other devices, because of their abruptness (Edwards, 2). The shocking noise can interrupt a person’s sleep pattern so suddenly, creating a blank mind when trying to reflect on a dream. The brain controls dreams and impacts how well and what we remember each morning. While the influence of outside factors can also trick the mind. Except health is not the only factor which affects…show more content…
When waking in the morning the first thing you remember should be written down (Carson, 58-9). A dream journal can hold our memories while they are still vivid in the mind. In fact, adding illustrations to the diary can also be a helpful tool. After the dream journal has a fair amount of entries a pattern may even be able to be seen. The journal may also aid the remembrance of forgotten dreams, for instance, waking up in the morning without a memory; but while looking in your journal deja vu occurs sparking a recollection of a possible repeated dream. There are many factors in which impact a person’s ability to recall dreams, but the first few seconds after waking are
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