Remember The Termite: A Short Story

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“He said what?!” Grayson Lawrence exclaimed as he set down his lunch tray. Angelica Church High School lunch was loud, but certainly not beyond conversational tones. Violet had dropped her bombshell that she was trying her hand at professional writing through text the night before. Four long months after her conversation with Hadley, and she still was wrapping her head around the idea that she could write for the world to enjoy. Elyse and Grayson stared at her expectantly.
“Well, I did some research on Mr. and Mrs. Russell, and they happen to work for a publishing company,” Vi started. “Hadley thinks the little stories I tell the kids could be a big hit if I keep working at it. He called me today because he knew I had some form of a manuscript, …show more content…

Brannick responded as every teacher would, telling her that her work was stellar and she had no reason to be afraid of an opportunity. He closed with an interesting remark, saying, “Remember the Termites, Violet. I know you’re creative, so show everyone else that too.” With a pinch of confidence and a dash of confusion, Vi slipped off to her meeting.
Hadley and another man were already waiting when she arrived. The mystery man was introduced as Sam Alston, a freelance editor who taught middle school English across town. He prompted Violet to show him what she had written, so she obliged, pulling out her iPad and presenting the document with her first chapter. From the first word out of his mouth, Vi knew that this was not going to be an easy job.
“Is this your best work?” he started. “The topics don’t flow; you need to utilize transitions, for starters. Is this a teen directed novel? If so, increase the vocabulary level. This is something I would have read in third grade!” and on the criticism went. In the back of her mind, Violet thought that it must be constructive criticism, but the overwhelming thought was failure. With every sentence, every comment on the document, every highlighted phrase, Violet sunk a little lower in her chair. When he was finished, Violet mumbled a thank you and sped out the

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