Remember The Titans: An Integrated Football Team

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This movie displays many different ways of courage. Courage is being brave with there is doubt and to be fearless when danger comes. “Remember the Titans” is about an integrated football team who helped influence their town to “trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him” says Coach Yoast. The people in Alexandria, Virginia were angry that an African American was taken on to be the Head Hoach. Many of the white players wanted to quit the team and petition to get Coach Boone out, so that Coach Yoast could get his job back. Their plan did not work, however, Boone wanted to keep Yoast as a part of the team, but only as an assistant. Coach Yoast accepted Boone’s invitation as the assistant coach for the defensive line. Together they defied…show more content…
One practice they talked among each other to try to come to an understanding. However, their pride took the best of them. Julius says, “I’m gon look out for myself and gon get mine”. Julius felt that he should not work hard for his teammates when they do not return the favor. Julius knows that Bertier and his white friends are not helping the blacks when it comes down to defense. Bertier recognized that his teammates’ attitude and actions on the field reflects off of his leadership. One late night practice Bertier saw that his best friend Ray did not block for Rev. He says, “What was that Ray? Whatever it is it aint blocking…. if he gets to Rev. just one time I swear to God I will hit you so hard by the time you come to owe boy you gon need a new hair cut”. For him to say this in front of the team made Julius step up to block his opponent. At the end of the play Bertier hits Julius saying, “Left side”. This made Julius realize that Bertier changed, so Julius hit him back saying, “Strong side”. Bertier and Julius worked together as leaders for their team. “Trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him” became the key that helped them flourish. This scene shows the pluck between the two players. Throughout the long practices they were not going to reach their goal unless they came together. As the leader, Bertier boldly stood up for Rev. he knew that his white friends would look at him differently, however he did it because he knew it was the right thing to do. By his actions that night he teammates followed and looked out for one
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