Remember The Titans Character Analysis

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Remember the Titans is a film based on the true story of Virginia High School football team working to come together during desegregation in the 1970s. Herman Boone, a black head coach, is hired to lead the T.C Williams High School Football Team. The team formerly led by a white coach, Bill Yoast, is better known by their nickname, The Titans. Both Boone and Yoast must work together to bring their white and black players together in a time where segregation across racial lines in the south was commonly accepted. Boone and Yoast are successful in doing this during the team’s training camp, only to return to find that bringing the team together would be only one of the challenges they faced. We see both coaches work together and lead the team to an undefeated season that helped unite the town and overcome its own racial strife. One of the movies' overarching themes is team building through adversity and using diversity to strengthen a team. We see this team building done by many characters, most notably Yoast and Boone the two coaches. They are helped in this by the players themselves as well. A white player named Gerry Bertier and a black player name Julius Campbell. Both players are initially determined to side along racial lines during their team building experience at camp. Yoast and Boone help set the example for the players as Yoast swallow his pride and accepts a lesser position on the coaching staff than what he previously held. The example set by Yoast helps

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