Remember The Titans Film Analysis

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Film Analysis Paper: Remember the Titans
This paper will analyze the film Remember the Titans through a social psychological perspective using principles that are depicted throughout the film. This film takes place in Virginia during the segregation years. One African American coach is picked to be head coach at a school in the suburbs. His team is forced to play with another team that is all white males. Both coaches and players have to go through many difficult trials and tribulations. At first the teams show out and let eachother know that they don’t like each other but in the end become good friend in spite of the segregation. This paper will analyze this film through the social psychological principles of racism, conformity and
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This movie would have been completely different after the fact.
The second main social psychological principle illustrated in Remember the Titans is the idea of conformity. Conformity is defined as a type of social influence involving a change in belief of behavior in order to fit in with a group. In the beginning of the movie the two teams would not speak to one another. One scene in the movie that showed this was when the white team threatened to boycott the entire football team when they were told that their coach is black. They took two separate busses in the beginning. Along the movie when they did end up sharing busses they were still separated on the bus. The black team would sit on one side and the white team would sit on the other side. There was always the white community and black community separated by the hatred for one another. Coach Boone tries to change their behaviors by having a white teammate share a room with a black teammate to conform in a good way. He wanted to change the attitudes and beliefs toward the opposite race by putting pressure on the group. Both coaches conform together to show both teams that coming together can give great results in a community that was so segregated. There was lot of bullying between groups in the movie and teasing. The biggest positive of conformity is acceptance. When you conform, people will be more willing to accept you because you are falling

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