Remember The Titans : Movie Analysis

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The movie Remember the Titans, focus on family assessment with an emphasis on family values, socialization, healthcare beliefs, and adaptation on how family solves problems. Also, family processes by way of adjustment in a newly ethnic integrated community surrounding sociocultural, environment and roles in the community. The analysis of Remember the Titans is surrounded by the main character Coach Herman Boone, his wife and two daughters including family values and adaptation.
Movie Setting and Story
Remember the Titans, is based on a true story about an African-American coach, Herman Boone, who became the head coach at a newly integrated high school. The movie is surrounding a racially diverse football team at T. C. Williams High School in the town of Alexandria Virginia. The movie Remember the Titans focus on a football team that overcomes racial tension and diversity and eventually adapts to their new environment and unite in society to become a winning football team. The main characters in the movie are as followed:
• Coach Herman Boone, newly appointed head coach at a predominately white school, recently integrated. He is married and has two young daughters in a nuclear family.
• Coach Bill Yoast, former head coach, and now the assistant coach, defensive coordinator. He is a single-parent family raising a daughter. He was nominated to Virginia High School Hall of Fame.
• Sheryl Yoast, nine and a half-year-old daughter of Coach
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