Remember The Titans

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The movie Remember the Titans (Remember the Titans) is a film that is focused around the difficulties, and triumphs of desegregation in sports. The story takes place in T.C
Williams High School of Virgina in 1971 when Black student integration into public schools had begun. The football coach Herman Boone is also a newly hired black coach who must find a way to unite his prejudiced and separated team, and compete in the State and advanced championships. With lots of conflict, hard work, and astounding cultural discoveries, team unties and wins the State championship at the end of the movie. With relation to the film I will discuss the concept of power and social posititon among diverse peoples. I will also provide a critical self-refelxive
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The team’s passion for football was also constructive to the unity of the team. As Coach Boone extended practices and demanded perfect unity, the team began to realize that previous prejudices would yield no help to their current conditions.On the other hand it was also interesting that the bond that the Titans were able to create was strengthened significantly, but became weak and diminished as peers pressured for separation. Sometimes even the greatest freindships on the football field were completely forgotten in the school hallways. My greatest take away is that true unity cannot exist until all pride is taken away, and genuine understanding is emphasized.As the group put off their pride, and sought to understand each other they were able to accomplish amazing things both on the game field, in their personal relationships, and their daily lives. I liked the plot of the movie, and the great message that it teaches. I also liked the comical scenes and relief points that keep the movie going because it makes it esier to follow along .I think it could have been better if it were more recent since it is an older film. Overall, the powerful message of success through differences was the greatest

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