Remember The Titans : The World Needed Change

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Remember the Titans Joshua Pepin Saginaw Valley State University The world needed change. The merger of the all white and the all black school was going to come together to create T.C. Williams High School. Nonetheless the parents, students, faculty, or even just members of the town weren’t even a little bit happy with this merger, but the desegregation of the schools was the state of Virginia’s idea to show that change was coming. Remember the Titans (2000) is a sports/drama movie released in September of 2000 that is all about the aspects of what it means to overcome racism and fight for what is right. As football practice came around and all the white and black players were introduced by calling out name and position the disgust within the room of the opposite race was definitely clear. To add to the tension in the room there was a major surprise when the white schools legendary coach, Bill Yoast, was going to be the assistant to a black coach, Herman Boone. In the beginning of the football season, the team is taken to football camp for a few weeks. There they bonded and learned to play as a team, although most of the whites still had bad vibes about playing alongside their black counterparts on the team. As the season went on, the team faced all sorts of diversity, and many different obstacles that all the other teams they played didn’t have to go through. Game after game they had to withstand name-calling, booing of the opposing crowd, and even

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