Remember To Remember My Life

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I will always remember the Summer of 1973. It was special because my Dad took my sister, brother and I on vacation to visit my Aunt Fina who lived in Orange County while my Mom stayed home with my two younger sisters. It would be the first time I would feel like I belonged and the first and last time we would have Dad to ourselves even if it was for three short days.
On Tuesday we packed the yellow 1957 Chevy Bel Air and off we went. The three of us were so excited and Dad who usually wanted everything quiet while he drove surprisingly let us sing and talk and of course we took naps in between. We arrived late afternoon at my Aunt Fina’s house and she welcomed us and we greeted her and our cousins, Glenn and George. Uncle Glen was a lawyer and did not arrive until late. I do not remember seeing him until the next day. She fed us dinner and the only thing I remember about that dinner was the ranch dressing. It was the best salad dressing I had ever tasted and Aunt Fina bragged that it was homemade and that the secret was the buttermilk. Wednesday came and Auntie Fina already had breakfast ready for us. She made the best pancakes. After we ate we all got into the Chevy and went to Knott’s Berry Farm. I remember we had a great time and Dad let us get souvenirs. My older sister got a little brown jar that was a bank with the Knott’s Berry farm logo on it, my brother got a train whistle, and I got a stuffed Snoopy dog. The train ride was the best part. After a day at the park we
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