Remember the Titans Notes

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Conflicts- • Racial • Physical • Inner • Hippies don't fit in • Social • Conflict in Teaching Styles • Homosexual overtones • Gender Conflict • Intergration of schools was very hard on Blacks • Black girl advocates Typical female roles • Inner conflict rages within Boone • Power Struggles • Conflict in terms of friendship • Team is gradually resolving community problems • Paralysis has been taken away from him- Gerry physical • Lastik goes to college • Coaches have overcome their differences Techniques- • Quote- IN Virginia, High school football is the way of life . It is bigger than Christmas Day. • Beginning is 1981, Film is 1971 • Black people are blending into each other. Unified front. Seeing the Results before…show more content…
• Adults are still prejudiced • Camera panns the protests against the integrated schools. • Cam Tilt, Extreme close-up on hand symbolises friendship. Close-up on girls face destroys friendship • "This what they integrating us for? We'd have been better off where we were" • Boone escapes conflict in community by releasing it on NFL. • Segregation in the stadium. • Vomiting symbolises nervousness • Music climaxing highlights unity • Forboding music builds suspense. • Lyrics- 'Higher'Higher' • Juxtaposition Empty Restaurant • "You aint doin these lids a favour by patronising them. Youre Crippling 'em Youre crippling 'em for life" • "Looks like you went to the zoo and made some new friends Bertier" • "Yeah, we came together in camp. Cool. But then we are right back here and the world tells us that they don’t want us to be together. We fall apart like we ain't nothin' man!"- Blue • "Goodbye song" goodbye to racial conflict. • "Peace train" adopted song. • "Thinkin about the world as one"- • Montage- series of short clips- good summary of what it happening. • Blacks and whites are sitting on the stands • Threatening ominous music- regional championships • Inner conflict in yoast • Daughter wants fair game • Constant reference to Titans • Resolution of conflict after regional match • "That’s my brother" • "I only saw what I was
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