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Remember The Titans

In the movie "Remember the Titans" social differences in status and play a major role in how the characters are portrayed, and how the story develops. It is based on a true story, though very much made for Hollywood, about what happened when the influences of race were dividing a town, and all of the people within it. In the "white dominated" suburbia area of the south, and the creation of T.C. Williams High School, a school that supported segregation, parents were the ringleaders of influence. It was the young people that started to make changes in the views of the community. The key topics in this film are segregation and discrimination, and the social problems that have arisen because of them.

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The white people of the town are clearly portrayed as being racist, and are not willing to change their viewpoints anytime soon, however it is the same within the black communities. Both groups are strong headed in their views and opinions. There are only specific and rare individuals within both groups that are willing to at least listen to the "other" side. The white community felt as though the black population would take over their schools and ruin there pristine all American small dream town, where as the black population felt that they would never fit in and that they needed to stay to themselves and watch out for there own exclusively. The males in the society had the ability to meld through the use of sports, and the girls were left to co-mingle within the confines of the school itself. It was not clearly portrayed in the film, but it should be noted that females within the black community during that time had an extremely difficult time at the schools, constant persecution based on color alone.

If the black female students have been of the male gender, then the color of skin would not have mattered so much, their mothers saying things like: that a black boy could get along, but that a black girl would never know anything but sorrow and disappointment? But she was not a boy; she was a girl, and color did matter, mattered so much that she would rather have missed receiving her high school diploma than have to sit as she now sat, the only odd

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